C O N S T E M S - A I

Manufacturing Industry

Problem statement

To ensure standardized product quality, goods on manufacturing lines must undergo stringent quality checks. However, manual and semi-automated systems are unable to keep up with requirements, resulting in defective items reaching end users. Brands end up losing customers and, eventually, brand value.


Constems-AI eliminates the need for any human intervention and automates the quality inspection process. We guarantee 100% product inspection at 10x faster pace improving your cost efficiencies to the tune of 20%.

What we do? / What we Deliver?

Constems-AI provides an AI vision based quality inspection system, eliminating inefficient ad hoc human checks in manufacturing lines and reducing product rejection by end users due to quality gaps. Our AI-based visual inspection CAInatics platform is a simple to deploy system on manufacturing lines that provides production data and real-time OEE reports to the QC team. The CAInatics platform employs cloud and edge-based systems to build an architecture that includes visual inspection equipment with real-time backend support for AI models that detect any quality lapses in real-time.

Implementation Process

Why us

  • Raw material and product defect inspection.
  • Just-in-time quality checks.
  • Effective even on 10x speed.
  • Provides an OEE of over 99%.
  • Can detect particles and defects as small as 1mm.




  • Raw material inspection
  • Raw material grading
  • Packaging quality & defects inspection